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Snow Joke: Why can't Britain bear a blizzard?

Students at the LSE from Russia, Sweden, Canada (or even Scotland) can’t understand why London has shut down today. A bit of snow and the place grinds to a halt. The media has also demanded to know why the capital and the transport systems of eastern Britain collapsed. My former colleagues on Channel 4 News, for example, thought that a much bigger […]

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Bringing The World to Britain: International news in Public Service Broadcasting

It’s the day that Ofcom announce their options for public service broadcasting and the eve of the Oxford Media Convention when the media people will get together to talk about it. But what about the actual content? Polis has a new report out on international coverage in public service broadcasting and I will be talking about it in Oxford tomorrow. […]


Five into 4 won't go – or will it?

Mergers are a traditional response to economic hardship so perhaps it’s not so surprising that someone is suggesting that Channel 4 and Five should “consolidate”: “Consolidation could offer the prospect of both short and long-term benefits: immediate cost savings and an increase in scale in key markets from advertising sales to programme acquisition, but also the chance for a smaller […]

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Time to garage the road movies?

My old colleague Jon Snow is about to tour America in a very nice yellow convertible for Channel 4’s Dispatches. He will have to be careful not to bump into Stephen Fry who drove a London taxi around every state in the union for the BBC. What is about TV producers that they have to use the road movie as […]

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Hogging the screen: should journalists be centre stage? (guest blog)

A video of Fox News personality Laura Ingraham has been circulating in which she complains, yells, argues and moans about everything from makeup to words on her teleprompter being spelled wrong.  It is amusing, but why are so many journalists becoming the stories rather than reporting them? Polis Summer School student Rachel Thomas reports.