Nov 26 2012

Arguments for statutory underpinning of regulation

Channel 4 News reports on the Irish regulatory system which includes a statutory element

Former Channel 5 News editor and ex-City University Prof Adrian Monck reaches back into the archive for this piece he wrote in 2004 that compares broadcast and paper regulation to argue that good journalism should not fear close regulation.

An illustative example by Thais Portilho-Shrimpton, a former co-ordinator of press reform group Hacked Off and now a director at Justice Across Borders,  of what a statutory press regulation system could look like and operate in practice.

Hacked Off unveils Ten Myths About Press Abuse to highlight the failure of press self regulation as a rationale for the state’s involvement.

42 Tories call for statutory participation in what should come out of the Leveson inquiry as a response to recent press exsesses. The letter signed by MPs voices concerns over  the ability of the self regulatory model “to create a genuinely independent system”

Former journalist Will Hutton comes out for ‘regulation’ of the press to include a statutory element, despite misgivings.

Brian Cathcart, from Kingston University writes  in the 2012 The phone hacking scandal: journalism on trial, “The press, the Leveson inquiry and the Hacked Off campaign.”

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