Nov 26 2012

Arguments in favour of self regulation

Justin Schlosberg of Birkbeck, University of London draws a thick line between freedom of the press and freedom of media owners, and warns that protecting the latter can have dire consequences for free speech rights in the UK.

Times’ Editor James Harding argues for what he calls ‘judicial’ not statutory underpinning of tougher newspaper regulation

86 Tory MPs write to the Telegraph to say that State regulation of the newspapers is the greatest threat to freedom of the press in 300 years.

Fraser Nelson, editor of The Spectator and a columnist for The Daily Telegraph,  calls for a truce on both sides of the battlefield for the freedom of the press.

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has warned that any state regulation of the press would be a “horrible, slippery slope”.

Whatever Lord Leveson says, Britain should hold on to its feral beast of a press – despite all its horror says former Telegraph editor Dominic Lawson

Former BBC man and former Index on Censorship boss John Kampfner argues that statutory regulation would hinder still further journalists who preen too much and probe too little

Polis Director Charlie Beckett (who also exec edits this blog) argues in favour of self-regulation despite all the faults of the press.

Guardian leader argues for tougher independent not self- or statutory regulation

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