Nov 26 2012

The Politics of Leveson

What does the public think? YouGov pollster and political analyst Peter Kellner dissects the latest figures that appear to show a complex picture in terms of regulation and public opinion

Channel 4 News’ Political Editor Gary Gibbon argues that the government might create a six-month consultation period after the report is published to negotiate a solution.

The Guardian’s Dan Sabbagh gives a handy guide to who is for and against ‘reform’ in this preview of how the factions are taking positions before Thursday’s publication.

Labour leader Ed Miliband says that implementing Leveson must be swift and produce workable regulation.

Patrick Wintour in the Guardian reports that Lib Dems are putting distance between themselves and their Tory coalition partners over Leveson.

Veteran left-wing journalist Peter Wilby says that Cameron’s dilemma is between public disgust at press behaviour and the ability of the newspapers to wreck politician’s careers.

The Spectator’s Stephen Glover considers the reasons which might tip the Leveson balance in favour of statutory regulation highlighting in particular the complex political backdrop for the report.

BBC Business editor Robert Peston on the political problem for Prime Minister Cameron posted by the Leveson report

Daily Telegraph’s Deputy Editor points out the historic opportunity for the Left to use the press debacle to deliver a blow on the Conservatives. With the fierce political battle behind Leveson how much trust will¬†politicians get as guarantors of free but accountable press?



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