Nov 27 2012

Policy briefs from the LSE Media Policy Project.

LSE MPP announces its plan to monitor the first 48 hours of Leveson coverage in the UK press. Damion Tambini asks: “Will they report Leveson fairly, or will they will use their power to turn public opinion against the report or its author?”

A report from the The Foundation for Law, Justice and Society authored by Damian Tambini on the controversy arising from the terms ‘freedom of expression’ and ‘freedom of the press’ being used interchangeably.

A report from the Foundation for Law Justice and Society authored by George Brock that looks at the bargain that must be struck and potential for both statutory and self-regulation.

Stephen Coleman of University of Leeds, who researches public political engagement, argues against a laissez faire approach to press regulation because of the corrupt journalistic culture that has emerged and the new modus of political communication.

An overview of the differing press regulation systems across Europe:

Reforming the PCC: Lessons from Abroad
by Manuel Puppis, Sally Broughton Micova and Damian Tambini

A detailed account of the background issues which will effect Leveson’s recommendations in this Thursday’s report:

Regulating Media Plurality and Media Power in the 21st Century
by Rachael Craufurd Smith, Damian Tambini and Davide Morisi


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