Nov 28 2012

International perspectives on Leveson – what the non-UK media says

Canada’s Globe and Mail claims the British press and its foes are ‘terrified’ over the outcome of Lord Leveson’s Report.

The New Zealand Herald documents the ‘judgment day’ that awaits the British press.

The Hollywood Reporter focuses on the implications the Leveson Report will have on the relationship between the media and celebrities.  Hugh Grant, J.K. Rowling and Charlotte Church have been vocal proponents of press regulations.

Germany’s Deutsche Walle warns that the British press is facing the perfect storm.

Bloomberg Businessweek reports that Prime Minister David Cameron will keep an open mind when he decides what to do with the Leveson recommendations.

According to The Australian, the British press is nervously awaiting the Leveson recommendations.

The Washington Post states the British press is facing its day of reckoning.

Tom Sykes of The Daily Beast says it is “pointless to gag the press in the online era.”

South Africa’s Mail & Guardian headline reads “the British press fear tough regulation after Leveson Inquiry.”


In the Opinion Section of the Wall Street Journal, the paper explains “Britain doesn’t need new rules to punish its media for criminal behaviour.”


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