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Another hung parliament? The difference between a Labour or Conservative Government in 2015 may come down to a handful of Midlands’ votes

The Conservatives could lose 100 parliamentary seats if they ignore the rot in their vote share that is spreading across Northern cities and boroughs writes Lewis Baston. Another strong vote for UKIP could also gift Labour some vital Midlands seats. The pattern of votes cast in recent local elections suggests that the northern and southern electorates are continuing to polarise. The […]

There will be no general election in 2014. Cameron can’t risk giving Miliband the gravitas boost of being Prime Minister and throwing his own party into turmoil

Responding to Patrick’s Dunleavy’s contention earlier this week that a break-up of the coalition and a general election can be expected as soon as 2014, Mark Pack argues that David Cameron would actually be too worried about giving Ed Miliband an electoral fillip and an easy entry into Downing Street, which in turn could result in a Tory leadership coup […]

How visible are UK universities in social media terms? A comparison of 20 Russell Group universities suggests that many large universities are just getting started

Recent research by Horst Joepen from Searchmetrics derives a ‘social media visibility’ score for 20 Russell Group universities, looking across their presence on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Google+ and other media. The LSE Impact blog team have now charted these scores against the sizes of the universities involved. The results suggest that larger universities are having most difficulty in getting their […]

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Hester gives up his bonus, Goodwin loses his knighthood, and Huhne loses his job: political blog round up 28 January – 3 February

Danielle Moran, Joel Suss, Cheryl Brumley and Julian Kircherr round up the week in political blogging.

The parties

The Tory Diary charts the Prime Minister’s remarkable string of good luck but The Green Benches list Cameron’s seven years of broken promises. The FT’s Westminster Blog shows how a legal aid bill may heat up the House of Lords.

Liberal Conspiracy explores public opinion […]

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Government policy alone is not enough to deliver good homes. We need a detailed public inquiry into how people live and what homes we need now and in the future.

The government has recently revealed its new housing strategy. While it has made improvements in several important areas of its strategy, there is still much that is lacking. Rebecca Roberts-Hughes, Policy Manager for the Royal Institute of British Architects argues that it is of central importance that new homes are of adequate size and properly equipped in order to ensure […]

Modern chambers of commerce need more fire in the belly in their relationships with government.

Professor Bob Bennett traces the history of chambers of commerce from their inception in the 18th century to the present day. What started as a movement seeking concessions from the elite has morphed into an institution closely partnered with government. While modern chambers of commerce have lost much of the spirit with which they were founded, they still serve an […]

A better understanding of the behavioural constraints that people face will help policy makers to more effectively target public policy interventions that aim to change their actions.

Government interventions often have very different outcomes to those desired by policy makers. Joan Costa Font argues that the development of behavioural economics offers a means to more thoroughly examine the behavioural constraints faced by those who are targeted by specific policies. Behavioural economics is not only better equipped to account for failures but if applied to public policy, it […]

Greater action must be taken in combating the sexual objectification of women in the print media

Last week the Leveson inquiry into the practices of the press turned to the issue of sexism in the media. Suvi Ramo of OBJECT argues that the objectification and sexualisation of women in British tabloid press is rife, and that this has a huge impact on societal attitudes. Greater regulation of print media is now needed in order to make […]