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Misguided Bolt, Assange irony and continued global economic weakness: Top 5 bogs you might have missed this week

With Olympic star Usain Bolt claiming that he won’t compete again in Britain until there is a change in the tax laws, George Eaton at The Staggers outlines why the Jamaican’s stance is misguided.

David Turner at History & Policy takes a look at Britain’s attitudes to disability and welfare. 

Fraser Nelson at the Coffee House suggests that students are being mis-sold the […]

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Cameron’s leadership in peril, rebuilding the debt ceiling and what the Olympics tell us about GB: Top 5 blogs you might have missed this week

Chris Sherwood at Guerilla Policy looks at what the Work Programme means for open policy. 

Bob Ward writing for The Staggers wonders why Boris Johnson is promoting climate change sceptics.

Flip Chart Fairy Tales notes that most of us wont live to see the 40% public debt ceiling rebuilt.

Paul Goodman at the Tory Diary suggests that both the coalition and David Cameron’s leadership […]

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London Riots one year on – Download the BPP ecollection

British Politics and Policy at LSE ran in-depth coverage of the riots that took place in London and other major urban centres in England in the summer of 2011, and their aftermath. This ecollection is a select sample of some of the most interesting posts from that series and provides an opportunity to rethink and re-engage with commentary and […]

Lessons for coalitions, the importance of Monsieur President and Osborne’s refined message: 5 blogs you might have missed this week

Ben Young at Liberal Democrat Voice lays out some lessons for the future in making coalition government work.

Declan Gaffney discusses the moral relevance of quantitative evidence in public debate.

Rafael Behr at The Staggers notes the importance of French President Francois Hollande to Ed Miliband.

Chris Dillow at Stumbling and Mumbling suggests that a serious recovery in productivity could require big political change.

Faisal Islam from […]

What about the authors who can’t pay? The government’s embrace of gold open access isn’t something to celebrate

Dismayed by news that the Government has embraced the Finch Report findings, Mark Carrigan asks what will happen to authors and early careers researchers who have not yet secured a steady stream of funding and cannot pay the upfront fees required of gold open access.  This article first appeared on the LSE Impact of Social Science blog Sometimes I worry that Twitter is […]

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Exploding the myth of fiscal credibility, challenging Islamophobia and lamenting Olympic arrogance: Top 5 blogs you might have missed this week

Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed at the Huffington Post argues that it’s time to hold the media to account for Islamophobia.

Jonathan Portes at Not the Treasury View notes that the IMF has exploded the myth of UK fiscal credibility.

Matt Dykes at the TUC’s Touchstone blog wonder whether the tide is turning on public sector outsourcing in the wake of the G4S Olympic security shambles.

Madsen […]

The Social Care White Paper is another missed opportunity to resolve the issue of funding long term care

Shereen Hussein notes that the Social Care White Paper contained some welcomed elements, but there is still no clear resolution to funding long term care and workforce needs, including pay and working conditions.    The much anticipated Social Care White Paper was finally published last week, with a clear focus on the importance of independence and the role of communities in […]

The EU and its member states should make apprenticeships central to their plans to tackle massive youth unemployment

Over 24 million people are now unemployed in the EU, with 5.5 million under the age of 25. Robert Plummer argues that this unemployment is a paradox given that young people have never been so well educated. The EU and its Member States must now push for youth apprenticeships to give young people practical professional experience to help get them […]

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