Joel Suss, Managing Editor of the British Politics and Policy blog, takes a look at the week in UK blogging. 

Local elections

The result of the 2014 local elections revealed a disastrous collapse for the Liberal Democrats, another strong showing for UKIP, a gain in councillors (but nothing to shout about from the rooftops) for the Labour party, and a loss (but by no means a disaster) for the Tories. In short, there were no surprises.

At UK Polling Report, Anthony Wells provides a good analysis and notes that, though this year’s local elections were held on the same day as the European elections, UKIP has, contrary to the dominant media narrative, actually disappointed by being unable to improve on last year’s breakthrough performance. Meanwhile, some in the Conservative party are nonetheless spooked. Some MPs have called for a pact with UKIP, but Mark Pritchard, writing for the Spectator’s Coffee House blog, doesn’t think that would be a good idea. Similarly, Labour is feeling the pressure from UKIP and some high-standing members have voiced their dissatisfaction with Ed Miliband and his handling of the threat. Guido Fawkes diligently compiles several quotes to this effect.

Meanwhile, on the New Statesman’s Staggers blog, Tim Wigmore visits Stoke-on-Trent and asks why support for the BNP has collapsed, finding that UKIP has been the main beneficiary.

European elections

The turnout for the European elections, which took place in the UK yesterday, is normally very dismal and has been falling in many European countries. What is behind the falling turnout? Over at the Commons Library, Steven Ayres argues that one of the reasons may be the enlargement of the union itself. In a second article for the Commons Library, Ayres writes that greater voter participation requires a stronger perceived connection between voters and EU policy.

And finally…

On Project Syndicate, Peter Singer looks at the UK government’s newfound ability to revoke citizenship, even to the extent of rendering individuals stateless.

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