Alan Finlayson

Tony Benn and the living art of rhetoric

Tony Benn, the veteran Labour politician and campaigner whose funeral has taken place today, was widely praised for his oratory skills. Alan Finlayson explains why Tony Benn was such a successful rhetorician.

Tony Benn is dead. The tributes to him – quite rightly – are plentiful and generous. Significantly, despite the wide variation in assessments of his politics, the encomia for […]

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Show – don’t tell: Political rhetoric is increasingly anecdotal but not particularly artful

Anecdotes have become one of the most common rhetorical devices in political speeches and debates to prove the success of policies or to illustrate that a leader is ‘down to earth’. Judi Atkins and Alan Finlayson explain why our politicians are ignoring Shakespeare and Keats and instead turning to ‘Holly from Southampton’ to prove their virtues. In the first of […]