Alistair McGuire

The NHS: Promises and productivity

In the general election debate about healthcare, all the parties are seeking to portray an NHS protected from major public sector expenditure cuts, with expansion in some areas. But according to Alistair McGuire and John Van Reenen, this is only going to be viable through further efficiency savings of some kind – and even then it is not clear how […]

Economic studies showing positive competition effects on hospital performance fully controlled for the factors cited by recent critics

Criticisms have been made of recent influential studies that show improving performance in hospitals operating in more competitive environments compared with hospitals that have a local monopoly on care. Zack Cooper, Steve Gibbons, Simon Jones and Alistair McGuire set the record straight. The claims by Pollock et al are based either on distortions of the original research, or on an […]

While health inequalities may have declined under Labour, specific interventions have not had a significant impact

There is ongoing discussion about how the government’s planned reorganisation will affect the NHS and therefore health inequalities. But how effective has the NHS been at reducing health inequalities in recent years? Joan Costa-Font, Cristina Hernández-Quevedo, and Alistair McGuire of LSE Health have found that while health inequalities have decreased in the past decade, often costly interventions in specific areas […]

LSE Centre for Economic Performance: Health – Higher Spending has Improved Quality, But Productivity Must Increase

A new series of Election Analyses is now available from the LSE’s Centre for Economic Performance (CEP). The series will discuss the research evidence on some of the key policy battlegrounds of the 2010 General Election, […]