Anne White

In Canada’s election there have been two surges: the far-left in Quebec and the far right in the rest of Canada. The result bucks the recent trend of hung parliaments and may offer some lessons for the UK

The 41st Canadian general election on May 2nd resulted in catastrophic blows to the centre-left Liberal Party of Canada and saw the almost complete demise of the sovereigntist Bloc Quebecois. In their place rose the far right-leaning Conservative party in majority standing and the far left-leaning New Democratic Party as the Government’s official opposition. Anne White considers how this unprecedented […]

The coalition government is facing criticism for its failure to keep the transparency agenda moving forward, but lessons can be learned by looking to Canada

In Canada last week, Stephen Harper’s Conservative government was defeated by a motion of no-confidence which declared the government to be in contempt of Parliament for its refusal to share information that opposition members had requested to properly assess legislation put before them. This lack of transparency has a history, argues Anne White, and may offer some lessons and a […]

Hasty changes to the machinery of government can disrupt departments for up to two years

Prime Ministers who are new in government or who are facing difficulties, often reorganize Whitehall as a way of demonstrating impact. Yet Anne White and Patrick Dunleavy show that this approach often has substantial costs, which are particularly hard to bear in the current climate of budget austerity.

How Prime Ministers design Whitehall departments is crucial for how well […]

What will change in Whitehall’s organization this time?

With a new government on the cards by this weekend, Anne White and Patrick Dunleavy consider what might change in Whitehall and the civil service

Reorganizing the structure of civil service departments is one of the easiest and most powerful tools at the disposal of UK Prime Ministers – and one they have rarely been able to resist using as […]

What can we learn from Canada’s recent experience with hung parliaments?

Canada has had three general elections in a row since 2004 where no party gained an overall majority, and no coalition government has emerged, as the Ottawa politicians have repeatedly failed to adapt their behaviours to changed voting patterns. Anne White considers the lesson for the UK.

Like the UK, Canada has a first-past-the-post system electoral system, a Westminster-style parliamentary […]