Annette Hastings

Local councils have managed the budget cuts well, but the scope for further efficiency savings is rapidly diminishing

Many city councils who are complaining that budget cuts are leading to an impending catastrophe have good cause for alarm given the scale of the cuts. However, the perception amongst the public is that not much has changed regarding their local services. In their new research, Nick Bailey and Annette Hastings find that up to now, councils have managed the majority of […]

The middle-class enjoy definite advantages in public service provision. More critical and extensive research is needed

Annette Hastings and Peter Matthews argue that it is vitally important to better research and address the uneven distribution of public services and the benefits enjoyed by the sharp-elbowed middle classes.  Back in the mid 1980s, when public spending on public services was under a similar intensity of pressure as it is now, Julian Le Grand warned that middle class […]