Bob Hudson

What do we do when the public services market fails?

What happens when outsourced contractors are no longer able or willing to continue with the provision of public services? Bob Hudson explores the downsides of outsourcing public services and finds the proposals currently in train to address ‘market failure’ in both health and social care to be lacking. He goes on to explore alternative approaches and writes that public services should be seen as something more than a contract […]

New government proposals for ‘harm free’ healthcare are modelled on a marketised view that prioritises blame over learning and support

In the wake of multiple healthcare scandals involving the ill-treatment of patients, the Coalition government is determined to promote ‘harm free’ care within the NHS. Bob Hudson explores the implications and omissions of new proposals aimed at improving patient safety. Responding to scandals in healthcare treatment must rank as one of the hottest policy issues of 2013. Following on from […]

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