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    Connecting discontent with austerity and support for migrants

Connecting discontent with austerity and support for migrants

In the wave of support for welcoming refugees there has been a surprising silence about the situation of asylum seekers already in the UK, writes Bridget Anderson. If we are to avoid a competition between marginalised and impoverished groups it is necessary to make the argument that better services for Syrian arrivals must mean better services for everybody.

There have been […]

What to do about Calais, in 50 words

How does an academic in field of migration studies respond to a journalist’s request for 50 words for how to deal with the Calais crisis? In this article, Bridget Anderson dwells on the issue in 700 words, exploring how the complex interaction of pasts, presents and futures has become a simplistic problem of ‘migration’.

Five thousand people in Calais wanting to cross […]

Rather than protecting the UK labour market, the clampdown on immigration may be compelling citizens to take on lower quality work

Far from protecting labour markets, Bridget Anderson argues that the clampdown on immigration can have quite the opposite effect. Rather than the high quality, kitemarked work implied by “British jobs for British workers”, UK citizens will be compelled to take on lower quality work. Labour spokesman Chris Bryant’s speech on immigration calling on companies to take on more British young people came […]