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The state has a key role in providing the framework for action and policies to ensure fairness on behalf of all its citizens

Anne Power discusses Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ initiative and says that public spending cuts, which fall disproportionately on more disadvantaged households and communities, may not achieve the goal of pushing citizens towards greater self-reliance or greater equality of opportunity. She acknowledges governments are unable to deliver without the aid of strong communities, however, in disadvantaged and diverse urban areas, citizens are unlikely to manage on […]

The London Olympics catalysed the ‘Great Leap Eastwards’ but will its proposed legacy actually deliver?

The 2012 Paralympic Games have allowed Britons to revisit the euphoria of the Olympics, but the Games’ uncertain ‘legacy’ still loom over Stratford. When the area is no longer filled with the buzz of world-class athletes and excited fans, will the benefits promised to East London ever come to fruition?  Ahead of our ecollection on the topic, we present the […]

The Olympic investment in East London has barely scratched the surface of the area’s needs

Anne Power argues that the incredible amount of London 2012 money injected into one of the capital’s poorest neighbourhoods has largely bypassed the residents themselves. Much more besides new infrastructure needs to be done to improve Newham and other East London communities. The Olympics brought over £9 billion of investment to the East End of London, by far London’s poorest area. […]

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A lot more remains to be done beyond the initial Olympic investment to create sustainable communities in East London

Anne Power explores the impact of the Games on the development of East London communities and notes many positive initiatives already in place. One issue that she argues needs to be tackled in order to achieve a truly successful Olympics legacy is in supplying jobs for local people, particularly for young people. London won the bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games against high odds. A rich, over-developed, global […]

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Early action to prevent social problems can offer a triple dividend of stronger communities, reduced costs and greater growth

Even before the riots of August 2011, many people were concerned that policymakers were too frequently coping with the outcomes of social problems rather than the root causes. Anne Power, a member of the Early Action Task Force, looks at a new report which could offer an alternative vision of how early intervention can strengthen communities and obtain growth at […]

The government’s planned National Planning Policy Framework is a step in the right direction, but policy makers must ensure they get the incentives right, and that decisions are made locally.

The consultation period for the government’s draft National Planning Policy Framework ends today. LSE London recently held a planning roundtable discussion of 15 academics from a range of social science disciplines to discuss the reforms and try to clarify its objectives. While broadly agreeing with the objectives of the reform, the planning roundtable found that the incentives they provide may often not […]

Hungry and homeless in the ‘big society’: a climate of cuts to services for the homeless puts soup kitchens and welfare provision at risk

This week the outgoing head of Britain’s largest volunteering charity warned that the voluntary sector will be left devastated by government spending cuts. Anne Power and Laura Lane from LSE Housing and Communities undertook a study into soup kitchens run by volunteers for the homeless, and here argue that charitable services to support the homeless and the most vulnerable in […]