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    Deep-rooted vested interests are to blame for our housing crisis

Deep-rooted vested interests are to blame for our housing crisis

There is today pretty much universal agreement among politicians that we have a serious housing crisis where the main losers are the young generation and the problem is one of supply. So why aren’t things changing? The reason is a powerful array of deeply embedded vested interests that make meaningful change difficult, explains Christian Hilber.

The UK housing affordability crisis […]

Help to Buy will likely have the effect of pushing up house prices further, making housing become less – not more – affordable for young would-be-owners

The government’s Help to Buy scheme is intended to stimulate housing demand which, in theory at least, should translate into new housing being supplied. Christian Hilber argues that the UK housing supply is incredibly unresponsive to demand shocks, due to an extraordinarily inflexible planning system. The government’s attempt to boost homeownership will probably backfire, with the main beneficiaries likely to […]

Our system of land use planning can often have damaging impacts on retail productivity

When resources are allocated without regard to price, as with UK land use regulation, the consequences are often bad for business and consumers. Paul Cheshire, Christian Hilber and Ioannis Kaplanis and colleagues find that the restrictions that planning policies impose on retail development have significantly reduced the productivity of supermarkets.