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    The clock is ticking for IPSO, the UK’s new press regulator

The clock is ticking for IPSO, the UK’s new press regulator

The phone hacking scandal, which has seen Andy Coulson, David Cameron’s former spin doctor, and other journalists jailed, has yet to produce any significant reform in the way the press is regulated. Damian Tambini calls on the board of the new press regulator, IPSO, to reform it fast or resign. 

Journalists have been imprisoned in the UK in the past […]

UK press regulation update: A very British fudge

In the coming weeks the new press regulator IPSO will unveil it’s board and officially launch. We can also expect an announcement about the  Recognition Panel established under the Royal Charter to audit the new system of newspaper self-regulation. Those expecting to finally see the implementation of Leveson’s reforms are likely to be disappointed however, argues Damian Tambini.

Back in January, when I looked forward to the development of press regulation […]

Government inquiries into phone hacking and the media’s role must ensure a wide debate and lead to genuine reforms. The public must have fast, free and fair access to redress in cases of press intrusion.

As part of British Politics and Policy at LSE’s new series of articles on Reforming the press (after the hacking scandal), Damian Tambini looks at the deficiencies of the current media self regulatory framework, and calls for genuine reforms which will create a regulatory body that belongs to the journalistic profession rather than the owners of newspapers. Charlie Beckett’s 17th July blog […]

Thoughts on phone-hacking: Yes we need urgency, but also caution and clear principles

In response to David Cameron’s announcement of a second inquiry into journalism ethics and self-regulation, Damini Tambini urges caution and the maintainence of the separation between media and politics, not a rushed suffocation of the press by government. Chris Bryant, one of the MPs leading a brave and principled charge against press excesses since he found his own phone was […]

The phone-hacking scandals indicate that industry self regulation has failed to safeguard standards and accountability in the news media. A Media Commission is needed.

Reports emerged yesterday that the News of the World allegedly hired a private investigator to hack into the voicemail of missing schoolgirl Milly Dowler back in 2002. Damian Tambini argues that such scandals are undermining the legitimacy of the Press Complaints Commission and that industry-led self regulation has clearly failed. We are now facing a critical juncture and a Media […]