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What will replace the Human Rights Act?

David Cameron has promised to scrap the Human Rights Act. What will replace it? David Mead writes that it seems highly unlikely that the Tories will tamper with the substance of the ECHR within any domestic Bill. The focus might well be on a re-adjustment of the relationship between British judges and those in Strasbourg, with the difficulty lying in how to […]

October 2nd, 2014|David Mead, Featured|1 Comment|

Dropping the case against the Fortnum protesters is not as interesting as their charges of aggravated trespass. This is yet another threat to the freedom to protest

One repercussion from a stream of protests against the Government over the last few months has been the number of arrests and prosecutions of those involved. David Mead looks at the increasing use of criminal sanctions for civil actions, and how this may have a chilling effect on those wishing to maintain their right to protest.

Swingeing public sector cuts are likely to generate an autumn and winter of discontent. We need a new public debate on the role of the police and legitimate forms of political protest and direct action.

The first year of the coalition has been marked by protests and marches that have, on occasions, spilled over into disorder and even violence. The police have in turn been accused of heavy-handed tactics in suppressing legitimate forms of political dissent. David Mead argues that the preservation of trust in the police and the bolstering of the democratic right to […]