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We live in a narcissistic society where random acts of intimacy with real people are pointless and romance is dead

Online contact is often dressed up in the language of love but much of it is actually fully devoid of human feeling, writes Elizabeth Cotton. Online technologies also get us into bad narcissistic habits. The result: we live in a narcissistic society where random acts of intimacy with real people are pointless and romance is dead. Romance takes a real pounding in […]

February 14th, 2014|Elizabeth Cotton|2 Comments|

Confusion over how to measure mental health is taking a toll on workplace wellbeing, but new networks of expertise may help

Due to the confusion over what counts as evidence, mental health research has largely failed to make a significant impact on workplace wellbeing and employment relations practices. Elizabeth Cotton argues that in order to make a positive difference, academic research will have to involve new technologies and communication strategies aimed at helping people to improve their mental health at work. Academics […]

Trade unions are facing difficult circumstances but it is important not to overstate the extent of the challenges

In recent decades trade unions have undergone an apparent decline within OECD countries. Yet Elizabeth Cotton explains how the same period has also seen the rise of global union federations, which are the largest membership organisations in the world. Such GUFs are working to target the growth of temporary labour which is partly to blame for the precipitous decline in union membership in many […]

We should avoid construing the proliferation of precarious work as a global catastrophe

In recent years the labour market has undergone a profound transformation, with precarious employment conditions a fact of life for an increasingly large section of the workforce. Elizabeth Cotton explains how this change has been driven by the contracting out of risk and duties of the employer vis-a-vis employees onto others. However there are problems within the existing literature on the subject, […]

Introducing our latest eCollection: Resilience in the Recession

Elizabeth Cotton reflects on a series of posts written for this site on wellbeing and the workplace. The six articles have been compiled into an eCollection that can be downloaded in PDF format. One year on from these original six blogs and I’ve learned a lot about surviving work through blogging. As a life-long member of Team Neurotic I had never […]

December 17th, 2012|Elizabeth Cotton|1 Comment|

Online whistleblowing is the real stuff of activism

Elizabeth Cotton comments on the recent Netroots conference she attended and urges anyone working in mental health to tell their stories online. Virtual activism There’s a new website called www.storiesfromthementalhealthfrontline.wordpress.com. It won’t make you thin or rich but it’s one of the first whistleblowing sites for people working in mental health. New in that because of the level of fear […]

Workplace resilience initiatives are on the increase in the current recession, but do they offer us a real way forward?

Policy debates about measuring happiness in the current climate sound like something from a bygone era when men didn’t cry and women wore matching gloves. But the gloves are firmly off and we are now facing the harsh realities of work and the lack of it. As government and employers put their faith in resilience initiatives to get people into […]

The ongoing privatization of healthcare and the changing nature of employment relations mean that good psychological therapy is now only available to those who can afford it.

As unemployment rises and the economic situation shows little sign of improving, it should come as no surprise that mental health in the UK is deteriorating. In the fifth article of her continuing series on public policy, work, and mental health, Elizabeth Cotton argues that at the time when they are under the greatest pressure, the expected cuts to mental […]