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    We need to put an end to the long, rocky ride of crisis and austerity

We need to put an end to the long, rocky ride of crisis and austerity

In this article, Mary Evans argues that the discursive justifications of austerity and touting of the moral certainty of markets advanced by politicians hide the fact that capitalism’s crises are always borne by the poor and the weak.

It has long been taken for granted, by Marxists and non-Marxists alike, that living in and with capitalism can be something of […]

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    A message to Jon Cruddas and Labour: challenge, construct and connect

A message to Jon Cruddas and Labour: challenge, construct and connect

The Labour Party needs to do a better job in future of challenging their opponents’ narrative rather than working from within its frame, says Mary Evans. From there, it would be possible and beneficial to set out new ways of thinking about politics and the political without resorting to the binaries of ‘left’ and ‘right’. And finally, the party must connect, not just with focus […]

Voting for a recognition of shared needs

In this article, Mary Evans explains her decision to vote Labour in tomorrow’s election. She writes that we have arrived at an increasingly narrow and authoritarian political vision over the past five years, in which bad things only happen to bad people and where there is a lack of recognition of how forms of social inequality affect people’s lives. Rejecting that view is one reason for voting Labour, she […]

Reshuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic

Mary Evans looks at the cabinet reshuffle and writes that it is shows the Conservatives’ complete contempt for the intelligence of the electorate, not least if they assume women will be reassured by a couple of new female faces.
It may be because its summer time and the weather is warm, but it is difficult to find the latest cabinet reshuffle even slightly […]

Experts react to the European election results

As anticipated by polls leading up to the vote, UKIP has won the European Parliament elections with the highest share of the vote and the most MEPs elected. Meanwhile, the Lib Dems have seen a near total wipe-out, going from 11 MEPs to 1 and dropping to fifth place behind the Green Party. Labour has come in second, only […]

Regarding young children as an unfortunate interruption in the workings of a political economy radically disregards the building bricks through which a society is constructed

At the end of November the coalition announced changes to parental leave, allowing up to a year of leave to be shared between those caring for the baby. It is discouraging that this idea is still resisted by captains of industry who see the scheme as producing ‘chaos’, a threat reliably produced by anyone who feels that their comfortable arrangements […]

The doctrine of ‘hard working’ is the worst kind of religion

Mary Evans explores the outbreak of rhetoric about ‘hard work’ and argues that it has two functions: it serves to somehow make the performer of that task a better person, whilst at the same time legitimating vicious policies towards those who are not ‘hard working’; and second, in framing that latter category as the thieves of the rewards of the worthy it encourages […]

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