Richard Layard

A Global Apollo Programme to tackle climate change

Leading thinkers across the worlds of science, public service and academia have launched a new global programme to combat climate change. Richard Layard outlines their proposal for big public investment in research that will dramatically reduce the costs of clean energy.

In the past, governments faced with existential threats to their country have called on their scientists and engineers to provide solutions. […]

Why schools should teach character as well as competence

New research turns conventional wisdom on its head: The strongest predictor of a satisfying adult life is a child’s emotional health, and least important is academic achievement. Richard Layard argues that these results indicate that we need an educational revolution where schools explicitly aim to improve the wellbeing of their children as well as their academic performance. 

What makes for a satisfying […]

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    We need a programme for national wellbeing, with mental health at its core

We need a programme for national wellbeing, with mental health at its core

In his speech to the Liberal Democrat conference, the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced £120 million of new funding for mental health, pledging £40 million this year and a further £80 million in 2015-16 to end what he describes as the ‘second class treatment’ of mental health patients. Richard Layard puts the case for a ‘programme for national wellbeing’, with mental health […]

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    Five minutes with Richard Layard: “Mental illness is the biggest single cause of misery in our society”

Five minutes with Richard Layard: “Mental illness is the biggest single cause of misery in our society”

In an interview with Joel Suss, editor of the British Politics and Policy blog, Richard Layard discusses the importance of combating mental illness and his new book, Thrive: The Power of Evidence-Based Psychological Therapies, which he co-authored with David Clark. Both authors presented the findings and arguments of their new book at a public event at the LSE with Andrew Marr.

In Thrive you […]

It is time for more action on the issue of mental health

In the developed world, mental illness causes more misery than physical illness. Yet, as Richard Layard explains, there is far too little attention focused on this important problem. New treatments have been developed to treat mental illness but more priority needs to be given to the attack on mental illness. “If you had a billion dollars to make the world a […]

Mental illness loses out in the NHS

Richard Layard and colleagues have recently published a report concerning treatment of mental health in the NHS. Here is the executive summary of that report, published by the Centre for Economic Performance’s Mental Health Policy Group. There is one massive inequality within the NHS: the way it treats mental illness as compared with physical illness. Here are six remarkable facts. Among people under […]

Richard Layard explains the Manifesto for Economic Sense

Thousands of economists disagree with the austerity policies being followed in so many countries. Yet few speak out and I am one of the guilty ones. That is why Paul Krugman and I have now written a ‘Manifesto for Economic Sense’ which is reprinted below. We hope this will be signed by thousands of economists. More importantly, we hope that […]

Wellbeing and mental health need to be the new frontier for the welfare state

Richard Layard believes that the main aim of social science should be to throw light on the conditions conducive to happiness. Here he reflects on the work his programme at the Centre for Economic Performance has been doing on mental well-being. In 2005, I wrote a book on happiness in which I tried to juxtapose the philosophical arguments in favour of wellbeing […]