Shereen Hussein

Research into the ageing experiences of different migrant groups shows a need for more culturally appropriate delivery of public services

The recognition of an increasingly multicultural and ageing population has led to a growing policy interest in how different migrant groups experience the ageing process within European cities. Shereen Hussein reports on research into the perceptions and needs associated with old age among Turkish communities in London. The latest UK census shows that more than half of London’s population identified their […]

The Social Care White Paper is another missed opportunity to resolve the issue of funding long term care

Shereen Hussein notes that the Social Care White Paper contained some welcomed elements, but there is still no clear resolution to funding long term care and workforce needs, including pay and working conditions.    The much anticipated Social Care White Paper was finally published last week, with a clear focus on the importance of independence and the role of communities in […]

It is time to move from complacency to commitment to better lives for both the social care workforce and care users

Shereen Hussein discusses the need for a business case to improve the pay and working conditions of care workers.  Over the past few years policy debate has continued around the funding of the social care system in England; usefully summarized in the Dilnot review. Everyone now seems to acknowledge the growing and pressing need to address funding and maintain the social care […]

‘Big Society’ volunteering in long term care must not substitute for skilled paid staff

Volunteer workers could transform the long-term care sector. However, Shereen Hussein emphasizes that a greater understanding of the strengths and weakness of a voluntary workforce is needed in order to effectively identify the services it is best equipped to provide. The government should think of volunteers as a complement to professional staff rather than their replacement. ‘Big Society’ volunteers are […]

The scale of very low-pay for care workers is much larger than previously anticipated and demands immediate attention

As our population enjoy a longer life expectancy, it is clear that care work will evolve and play a larger role in our lives. Shereen Hussein illustrates the need for a guaranteed payment of the minimum wage to care workers if we are to protect both users and policies from dangerous risks. There is evidence of growing needs for support […]

As our population ages, demand for social care is growing. But the government’s immigration policies may well restrict the quality and quantity of social care professionals.

The UK’s ageing population has brought issues of long-term care to the fore, but the care workforce and the vital role that immigrants play in it are seldom discussed. Shereen Hussein argues that limiting non-EU care workers entry to the UK may reduce both the quantity and quality of care professionals needed to fill vital care posts.