Will Tanner

How to make the Work Programme work better

The Department for Work and Pensions will today release statistics on the Work Programme; a government initiative aimed at getting the unemployed back into work. After a difficult start in a tough economic climate, the scheme now seems to be performing well. However, with an election approaching and current work Work Programme contracts running out in 2016, the next stage of […]

Sweden has reformed its welfare state to deliver both efficiency and equity – the UK should learn from its example.

Sweden is widely seen as a standard-bearer of social democratic principles. However Will Tanner contends that while the Swedish welfare state is an unlikely poster child for sustainable government, it is nonetheless leading the way in public service reform.  Politicians the world over are grappling with the same fundamental challenge: how to make government sustainable. The fiscal reckoning may have been exposed […]

Police force mergers are unnecessary and miss the point; the best policing is local

Much of the focus during the PCC elections has been on the principle of representation. Will Tanner argues that localism is equally important and that the future of policing in England and Wales must be local and democratic, not regional and bureaucratic. At the mid-point of this Parliament, the apparatus of policing in England and Wales is undergoing far-reaching and long-overdue reform, […]

If the government wants to introduce a real revolution in law and order, it should devolve powers and budgets for all criminal justice and emergency services to PCCs

Will Tanner argues that if the Prime Minister is serious about his ‘tough but intelligent’ approach to crime and justice then resources should be directed to what is proven to work. The astonishing success of the Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) in Glasgow is just such a project. Only through such localism could initiatives like the VRU become the norm.  Last week, in […]

The concept of Open Public Services is being restricted by a focus on mutuals at the expense of large providers

The restructuring of public service delivery is a welcome reform, but as Will Tanner argues, the government’s overarching preference for mutual organisations over large providers – and the emphasis on narrow policy areas – will not yield any significant and long-lasting impact. The Government has made clear its intention to transform traditional models of public service delivery. Launching the Open […]

Poorly targeted short term initiatives to revive the UK’s flagging growth rates are likely to make things worse. Consistency in economic policy is key in delivering long-term growth.

In the face of lower than expected growth, pressure is building on the Chancellor George Osborne, to bring forward strategies that will boost employment and growth in the short term. Will Tanner argues that poorly targeted strategies like support for small and medium-sized enterprises, increased infrastructure spending, and support for new mortgages are actually more likely to make things worse. […]

In order to reform public services for the better, we must first tackle an outdated employment culture that is bad for both taxpayers and workers

Reform’s Will Tanner argues that we need to look more critically at the employment culture of the public sector workforce in order to reduce absenteeism and increase productivity and morale.