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    Labour invests the family silver in ‘credibility’ shares

Labour invests the family silver in ‘credibility’ shares

Many have been critical of Ed Miliband’s conference speech for not mentioning the deficit. But Labour has promised more or less the same austerity for the next five years in an attempt to earn ‘credibility’. Eunice Goes gives her take of the party’s conference this week, writing that Labour can’t have it both ways; those who doubt Labour’s ‘credibility’ will remain unpersuaded by the party’s ambivalent embrace […]

2014 will be the year of living nervously for all of Britain’s main political parties

Looking ahead to what 2014 holds in store for Britain’s main political parties, Eunice Goes writes that this year will test David Cameron’s leadership skills to the limit with the European parliament elections, the Scottish referendum, and potential interest rate hikes by the Bank of England looming. On the other hand, she predicts life will not be much easier for the leader […]

Top experts give their views on the government reshuffle

We’ve asked top experts what they thought about the cabinet reshuffle this week. Richard Mottram writes that the modest scale of the 2013 reshuffle is welcome recognition of the dangers in too much Ministerial churn. Claire Annesley and Francesca Gains argue that there has been little change to the record of weak representation of women in the government. James Mitchell writes that the sacking of […]

Complacency and factionalism: Miliband’s Labour is still a work in progress

Don’t expect any big-bang announcement to electrify activists, the media and the electorate in general at the Labour conference, writes Eunice Goes. This is a result of two oddly combined factors – complacency; many feel that Labour can just scrape through and win the 2015 general elections if it continues to pursue a ‘less is more’ approach, and factionalism; the party is not […]

Ed Miliband and Syria: A glimpse of what a Labour foreign policy could look like

Ed Miliband decided to not support the government’s call for military action against Syria this past Thursday, a bold move for a leader that has been under fire from all sides. Eunice Goes argues that Miliband’s position on Syria has the merit of offering British voters a clear Labour approach to foreign policy that is distinct from the coalition’s and from New […]

Miliband’s Dilemma: Winning the argument or winning the elections?

Ed Miliband, leader of the Labour party, has gone through a tough stretch recently with the polls seeming to narrow and his leadership being questioned from within his own ranks. Eunice Goes argues that none of the ideas put forward by the opposition have been fully developed or linked to a grand narrative. To make matters worse, after spending much time […]