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    How the government should promote high speed broadband in Britain

How the government should promote high speed broadband in Britain

Are publicly subsidised improvements in broadband infrastructure socially desirable? The answer depends on a consumer surplus exists – whether users derive a benefit from internet usage above and beyond what they pay to their internet service provider. New research by Gabriel Ahlfeldt and colleagues infers this surplus by observing property prices in areas with high internet speeds, finding that property prices […]

Accurate predictions of property price effects can help realise transport infrastructure projects

If it were possible to predict property price effects during the planning stage of a transport project, the revenues of such schemes could be taken into account in the financing scheme. Gabriel Ahlfeldt has constructed such a tool, which may help to realise some projects that are needed but seem unaffordable.  In a recent paper forthcoming in Environment and Planning A, I have […]

Conservation Areas may solve a form of prisoners’ dilemma as all local homeowners are required to maintain their property, making everyone better off

Gabriel Ahlfeldt presents findings from a recent research report showing that property prices are generally higher inside conservation areas. The regulation is good news for policymakers as it ensures collective action in maintaining neighborhoods, making free-riding much harder to do. Since the 1960s, over 9,800 Conservation Areas have been designated in England with the aim of preserving local historic or architectural character. […]

The economic benefits of high speed rail in Europe can now be demonstrated beyond doubt. Now the UK should consider investing in HSR as well

The coalition government is committed to the development of Britain’s transport networks, and encouraging low carbon solutions such as railway development. Gabriel Ahlfeldt shows how an innovative study of the impacts of a new German high speed rail (HSR) infrastructure clearly demonstrates significant economic benefits for the first time, benefits that the UK now needs to invest in also.

In […]