Ian Goldin

Globalisation has created substantial benefits, but global governance must evolve to meet the challenges posed by new systemic risks

The 2007-08 financial crisis highlighted the potential for negative economic developments to spread quickly across the world’s interconnected economies. Ian Goldin writes that this constituted the first example of a truly systemic crisis, where risks that pooled in a relatively small market in the American Midwest (the sub-prime mortgage market) cascaded to all corners of the global economy. He […]

Encouraging more, better managed, migration should be part of our economic strategy for growth

Ian Goldin argues that debates about migration are too often characterised by layers of misconception. An honest discussion would recognise that establishing a more open and effective migration policy is in everybody’s interests.  Ed Miliband recently made his first major address on immigration. Concerned that immigration dominates dinner discussions in ‘every kitchen’, he argued that the influx of migrants from […]