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    Local Government Ombudsman suggests reforms as the number of social care complaints soars

Local Government Ombudsman suggests reforms as the number of social care complaints soars

A report out of the Local Government Ombudsman on the complaints it receives about adult social care suggests a system that is under considerable stress. Social care complaints have increased significantly and are predicted to continue rising while at the same time spending by local authorities on social care fell in real terms and is predicted to continue falling. […]

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    PASC support for the creation of a single Public Services Ombudsman for England is welcome and timely

PASC support for the creation of a single Public Services Ombudsman for England is welcome and timely

The government today released a report that proposes significant changes to the Ombudsman service in the UK. Crucially, the report argues for the creation of a single Public Services Ombudsman for England. Jane Tinkler outlines why this reform would better for individual citizens, better for improving services, and would bring about a more efficient redress system.

Today sees the publication of […]

The REF doesn’t capture what government wants from academics or how academic impact on policymaking takes place

Following on from the recent debate at the ‘From Research to Policy: Academic Impacts on Government’ conference, Jane Tinkler finds that the academic expertise and luck required for a piece of research to be considered valuable by government in policymaking is not valued by the Research Excellence Framework. This article first appeared on the LSE Impact of Social Science blog This month […]

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Localism may actually reduce citizen voice because information on citizen redress is either not collected or ignored

Citizen redress is essential for any government committed to administering accountable and efficient public sector services. However, as Jane Tinkler argues, the introduction of more complex provider networks in the Big Society threatens the already unrecognised potential of citizen voice in providing a system of checks and balances. There is one discussion point on the government’s localism agenda (as we […]

Getting Whitehall to incorporate new IT developments in public services remains an uphill struggle. The government now lags ten years behind the private sector in its use of social media and lack of feedback to users

In a scathing indictment of ‘Rip off’ IT contracts in government the Public Administration Select Committee called for sweeping changes in government-contractor relations.  Jane Tinkler finds that the Committee’s follow-up report comments insightfully on the coalition government’s response document, but also stresses new themes. In particular, PASC is now highlighting the across-the-board absence of social media in central government websites and […]

Book Review: The Ombudsman Enterprise and Administrative Justice

Buck, Kirkham and Thompson provide a rich, detailed picture of the current state of the ombudsmen enterprise in the UK public sector finds Jane Tinkler.   The Ombudsman Enterprise and Administrative Justice. Trevor Buck, Richard Kirkham, and Brian Thompson. Ashgate. December 2010. Ombudsmen have been features of public sector life in the UK for many decades now. In this book, Buck, Kirkham and Thompson look […]

Ten years after tax, social security departments in the USA and elsewhere are moving cautiously online. The UK is pioneering ‘digital by default’ services and the advent of a universal credit at DWP could be an opportunity for breakthrough progress

Internationally, tax services are now building on solid progress in encouraging online take-up of their services. However social security services have not yet made this break through. Service Canada was the first to put employment insurance online in 2005 and they now have a 98 per cent take-up rate for new applications. The US Social Security Administration followed in 2009 […]

Think before you nudge: the benefits and pitfalls of behavioural public policy

The government’s commitment to behavioural change is starting to be taken up by both central government departments and local authorities. Paul Rainford and Jane Tinkler look at the benefits and problems associated with so called ‘nudge’ theories and how this approach is being used in the UK. In 2008 Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein published a book entitled Nudge: Improving […]