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    Leaving the European Union is likely to have a significant negative economic impact

Leaving the European Union is likely to have a significant negative economic impact

In a new report on the economic consequences of a ‘Brexit’, Gianmarco Ottaviano, João Paulo Pessoa, Thomas Sampson and John Van Reenen find that if the UK left the European Union there would be a significant negative impact. The most important costs would come as a result of higher trade barriers with the EU.
Since a speech by the Prime Minister […]

How to return to growth and solve the productivity puzzle

UK productivity has been declining since the onset of the financial crisis, and today the gap with G7 nations is at its widest since 1992. João Paulo Pessoa, Anna Valero and John Van Reenen of the Centre for Economic Performance argue that underinvestment is key to understanding this. The recovery so far seems unbalanced; policymakers must focus on raising productivity to […]

Wage growth and productivity growth: the myth and reality of ‘decoupling’

Have UK and US workers been denied their fair share of economic growth over the past four decades? João Paulo Pessoa and John Van Reenen investigate claims that wages have become ‘decoupled’ from productivity. It is often argued that American workers are being exploited by the firms for which they work. Exhibit 1 in the case for the prosecution is that real wages of the typical worker have hardly increased […]

Who ate all the economic pie? Exploring the myth and reality of decoupling wage growth and productivity growth

João Paulo Pessoa  and John van Reenen discuss new research into the apparently loose relationship between wage growth and productivity growth in the UK and the US. They find that workers as a whole are not missing out, but increasing non-wage costs and rising wage inequalities have restricted gains.      It is widely believed that American workers are being screwed (to use a technical […]