Jonathan Cylus

What drives people’s perceptions of their health system? In the UK, overall satisfaction with the NHS is closely associated with GP performance

Surveys of satisfaction with the NHS tend to prompt discussion about reform. Research by Irene Papanicolas, Jonathan Cylus and Peter Smith investigates what determines people’s satisfaction with their health system and why it is oftentimes erratic. International comparisons show that overall satisfaction appears to represent something different in each health system, indicating that there is no panacea for improving satisfaction ratings in all […]

Why a stricter regulation of drugs could foster (not deter) pharmaceutical innovation

Huseyin Naci and Jonathan Cylus provide arguments for how to improve the regulation concerning pharmaceutical drugs. Since drugs are not assessed relative to alternatives on the market, they claim it becomes more difficult to accurately evaluate a drug’s successes and harms. Increased innovation and a more streamlined delivery of information are some of the benefits they attribute to more rigorous […]