Luke McDonagh

Aftermath of the Financial Crisis: New Challenges for the Left

Sacha Garben, Hanaan Marwah, Luke McDonagh, Berkay Ozcan, & Thomas Sampson argue that there are three main priorities the political-Left should be focused on in the aftermath of the financial crisis: they must produce new ideas if they are to supplant neo-liberal ideology, properly express their aims in order to effectively communicate with the electorate, and focus on organising capital rather than labour.  The financial crisis which erupted in 2008, coupled with the on-going global […]

The government’s copyright policy causes both frustration and excitement in the music industry

Luke McDonagh argues that the government isn’t enforcing the Digital Economy Act, which introduced severe penalties for those illegally downloading copyrighted music online, because of the potential political backlash from the large number of illegal downloaders in the UK. There is much room for improvement in legal online music infrastructure that will serve as the ‘carrot’ to end rampant online piracy. Few who […]

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