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    Are we seeing a new ‘inequality paradigm’ in social science?

Are we seeing a new ‘inequality paradigm’ in social science?

Social scientists have long been concerned with inequality, yet the focus has often been on its theoretical and political aspects. This is now starting to change, writes Mike Savage. Thanks to research interventions by scholars, together with attempts to institutionalise  cross-disciplinary work, the focus is shifting from normative debates and towards the more technical, empirical and historical problems of inequality.

Compared […]

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    The politics of inequality: Atkinson, Piketty and Stiglitz at the LSE’s International Inequalities Institute

The politics of inequality: Atkinson, Piketty and Stiglitz at the LSE’s International Inequalities Institute

The LSE’s new International Inequalities Institute has hosted three major thinkers on inequality: Tony Atkinson, Thomas Piketty and Joseph Stiglitz. In this article, Mike Savage and John Hills discuss what emerged out of these events, writing that the politics of inequality will undoubtedly become increasingly central to public debate.

It is clear that the politics of inequality and redistribution is a defining theme of […]

The Old New Politics of Class: Rumours that ‘class was dead’ have been greatly exaggerated

Mike Savage reflects on his inaugural lecture as Professor at the LSE and argues that we need to bring an analysis of elites firmly back into class analysis. He also finds that arguments about misrecognition and abjection are very interesting ways of thinking about how the disadvantaged deal with their ‘stigma’. On November 20th I gave my inaugural lecture at the LSE and a podcast is […]

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The Great British Class Survey revives classical sociological theorising on class in an era of digital data

Earlier this month the Great British Class Survey launched, attracting widespread attention and thrusting sociological arguments about class into the media spotlight. Following on from earlier posts on the LSE Politics Blog, Mike Savage and Fiona Devine clarify the understanding of class on which the project was predicated and address some of the criticisms which have been aimed at it.  Now that the dust […]

The British class system is becoming more polarised between a prosperous elite and a poor ‘precariat’

Mike Savage discusses the results of the largest British class survey ever conducted. It shows that class divisions remain very powerful and are becoming more entrenched. There is a growing gulf between the elite and the lower classes, and what used to be termed the middle and working classes seem to be splintering into social classes with systematically differing amounts […]

The Great British Class Survey: calculating economic, social and cultural capital in order to analyse social class

The largest ever study of class in the UK, the Great British Class Survey, is set to release results next month. Mike Savage explains that the novel approach, which measures an individual’s resources in economic, social and cultural terms, provides a more accurate depiction of social class. In April 2013, the first results of the BBC’s Great British Class Survey (GBCS) will […]