Paul Johnson

The rapidly changing state

Rowena Crawford and Paul Johnson of the IFS look forward to the spending review and what the composition of public spending will look like in 2017-18. In that year, spending as a share of national income is forecast to be back close to its long-run average, and at almost exactly the same level it was in 2003–04. On current plans, we are moving ever […]

Late changes to Council Tax Benefit reforms would create considerable complexity

In a recent ministerial statement, the government announced a significant change to its policy to localise Council Tax Benefit (CTB) from next April. Stuart Adam, James Browne and Paul Johnson of the IFS ask why such a significant change has been applied to a policy two years after it was first announced, less than six months before councils will have to implement it and after many […]

GCSEs should be reformed and their wider role radically rethought

Paul Johnson and Luke Sibieta of the IFS argue in favour of reforming GCSEs in order to eliminate the perverse incentives presently available to schools. They also call for an examination of the role of the GCSEs for society in order to ensure that they serve a valid purpose. On August 23rd, thousands of 15 and 16 year olds will receive their GCSE results. […]