Ranj Alaaldin

David Cameron must re-invigorate British foreign policy

The continuing success of Isis in Syria and Iraq underlines the need for a more proactive British foreign policy, argues Ranj Alaaldin. He writes that there is little to suggest what the UK stands for internationally, and that David Cameron must use the Conservatives’ election victory to re-energise Britain’s role on the global stage.

The fall of Ramadi in Iraq last week […]

Labour must go back to conviction politics

In many respects, Labour needed this crushing electoral defeat to rebrand and re-position, writes Ranj Alaaldin. The absence of a strong narrative of conviction from Labour allowed the party to be effectively challenged by UKIP as the party of the ordinary person and the Conservatives as the party of aspiration.

The Conservative Party has obliterated Labour and is back in government with a majority […]

The West must hit ISIS harder

The international community is nowhere near using the full range of its military capabilities and the UK Commons Defence Committee was right yesterday to call on the UK government to do more in the fight against ISIS, writes Ranj Alaaldin. With momentum shifting against the group, ISIS must not be allowed to repair and rebuild.

Twenty-one key countries leading the […]

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    Airstrikes on Isis targets in Syria and Iraq are legal under international law

Airstrikes on Isis targets in Syria and Iraq are legal under international law

Last week, the UK parliament voted to once again intervene militarily in Iraq in order to attack the terrorist group Isis. This follows more than a week of US and Arab world airstrikes on Isis targets in Syria. While the Iraqi government requested assistance from British and other foreign powers, the Syrian regime has not asked for intervention. Many commentators have questioned […]