Richard Hyman

Budget 2011: A footnote to the existing agenda, but the public is waking up to the attack on the welfare state

Richard Hyman offers this short comment on the 2011 Budget in light of Saturday’s demonstrations in London.

Last week’s budget was a footnote to the agenda already in place. The rise in VAT to 20 per cent is a regressive tax that hits hardest those with the most limited means. The savage public expenditure cuts could cause […]

Despite common press perceptions, the number of strikes in the UK is far below the European average

With the deepest cuts to public services since the war looming, commentators are predicting a raft of strikes by public sector workers across the UK. Richard Hyman looks at how laws regulating strike action across Europe may affect how this plays out.

When looking through the papers on days following industrial action, it would appear that the press believes if […]