Richard Wyn Jones

The impact of ‘The Vow’ is being felt in Wales too

Wales has been squeezed harder than Scotland under the Barnett Formula. The challenge now facing First Minister Carwyn Jones is to explain to the Welsh electorate why it is fair that poorer Wales receives less privileged treatment that that given to more prosperous Scotland, writes Richard Wyn Jones.

Last year’s Scottish independence referendum was a sobering experience for the leaders of Wales’s […]

From British Euroscepticism to Euroscepticism in Britain: Anti-EU sentiment is much stronger among those with a more exclusive English sense of national identity

Looking at data showing voting intentions for an in/out EU referendum coupled with self-described national identity, Richard Wyn Jones finds that England is the most Eurosceptic part of Britain and the English the most Eurosceptic national group. In England, those with a more exclusively British sense of national identity are in fact the most pro-European and UKIP is concentrated among those with the most […]