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    The political and legal headaches caused by Brexit have only just begun

The political and legal headaches caused by Brexit have only just begun

If the recent high court ruling on Brexit is upheld, then MPs in the UK Parliament will have to approve the decision to trigger Article 50 and begin the process for leaving the European Union. But how would this vote actually take place and what influence will Parliament have over the negotiations? Based on a recent report, Sara Hagemann assesses Parliament’s […]

Does the UK win or lose in the Council of Ministers?

One of the key issues in the context of the UK’s debate over EU membership is the level of influence the country has within the EU’s institutions. In the second in a series of articles examining whether the UK is marginalised in EU decision-making, Simon Hix and Sara Hagemann present data on how the UK fares in decisions made […]

The political and economic crisis in Europe has meant a step back for the EU’s major institutions. Solutions in 2012 must not come at the expense of democracy.

At the close of 2011, British Politics and Policy at LSE asked our contributors for their thoughts and predictions for 2012. Sara Hagemann argues that the EU’s leaders should ensure a key role for the European Commission in the governance of the Eurozone, as well as broader parliamentary involvement in Europe’s economic development. Another defining summit always seems near whenever […]

Eve of the election: reflections from Election Experts

One of the most interesting and unpredictable election campaigns in modern memory is now at its close. We asked our Election Experts for their reflections on the campaign, and their predictions for tonight and beyond.
Professor George Jones – LSE Government
The campaign was distorted first by the media stunt of the so-called “leaders’ debates”. It reinforced the false […]

Second Debate – International Affairs: What our Experts said

We asked our Election Experts to comment on last night’s Leader’s debate on international affairs. This is what they said:
Dr Sara Hagemann – LSE European Institute

A real debate on Europe!

The second round in the UK election debate last night showed great differences in the party leaders’ foreign policy agendas. Not least on Europe, where Nick […]