Swenja Surminski

Managing flood risk: Why flood insurance needs to send the right signals

Anticipatory action and preparedness is much more economic than providing disaster aid. However, there have recently been many missed opportunities to put sensible long-term risk management in response to climate change at the heart of policy making. The Government’s proposed flood insurance scheme, known as Flood Re, is a key pillar in the strategy of sharing risks and distributing the costs […]

The new flood insurance scheme will not cope with rising flood risk due to climate change and building in floodplains

A new flood insurance system in the UK has just been proposed by government and private industry, called Flood Re. Swenja Surminski and Florence Crick argue that the new scheme does not provide a convincing answer to how we are going to deal with rising risks due to climate change and the development of floodplains. Private flood insurance will only […]