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    Countering violent extremism: a left-realist critique of ‘Prevent’

Countering violent extremism: a left-realist critique of ‘Prevent’

The government’s ‘Prevent’ is a blanket measure that omits a nuanced approach to the social, cultural, economic and political characteristics of those who are radicalised, writes Tahir Abbas. As a result, the policy conflates legitimate political resistance among young British Muslims as indications of violent extremism and so can unintentionally add to structural and cultural Islamophobia – amplifiers of […]

Why has terrorism not been defeated so far?

The Manchester bombing was carried out by a young Briton from the Libyan community.Tahir Abbas asks what this means for the government’s Prevent strategy, which is supposed to stop the radicalisation that can lead to terrorist attacks. Unfortunately, he argues, the causes of radicalisation often lie in wider geopolitical issues and the mental health of young people – things that […]