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    The widespread belief that politics is broken should not be allowed to go unchallenged

The widespread belief that politics is broken should not be allowed to go unchallenged

That politics is broken and rotten in the UK may well be the defining belief of our time. But is it broken at Westminster? Tony Wright disagrees with the pervasive assessment, writing that, though the system does require a range of political reforms, reform requires a realistic understanding of what is wrong; and a determination to work to put it right.

It is […]

We are increasingly being governed by people with a diminished experience of the world beyond politics

There is a growing trend for people to come into politics more or less straight from university. They are undoubtedly clever but this does not compensate for a deficiency of experience in other walks of life that might inform their political judgements. Tony Wright argues that as the recruitment agency for politicians – the political party – loses its popular base, finding […]

The problem of politics as a game

People perceive politicians to be playing a game in pursuit of political advantage rather than work earnestly to solve the issue of the day. The corrosive consequence of the game of politics is that everything that a politician says, or does, is treated with suspicion because of negative assumptions about why it is being said or done. Minimising the game-playing […]

February 17th, 2014|Tony Wright|6 Comments|

Faced with the prospect of Scotland’s separation, Britishness now seems to have too little to draw on to be able to mount a vigorous defence of itself

What Scots are not hearing is a chorus of English voices asking them to stay. This would require an attachment to an idea of Britain which has clearly weakened, writes Tony Wright. What might a defence of Britishness consist of? It could celebrate the fact of multiple identities, including not excluding, and offer to the world an example of how this might still enable […]

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The decline of the political party: What comes after?

The decline in political party membership in the UK is a recipe for a crisis of legitimacy. The parties continue as the monopolists of access to political careers and to political office, but in a context in which 99 per cent of citizens now do not belong to a political party. Parties can re-invent themselves and open up, or we need to recognise […]