Will Jennings

Why 2017 may have witnessed a Youthquake after all

While prominent immediately after Labour’s performance in the 2017 election, the idea of a ‘youthquake’ has since been challenged by the British Election Study team. Using the latest data from the Understanding Society survey, however, Patrick Sturgis and Will Jennings show that there was, after all, a large and significant increase in turnout amongst the under 30s.

The 2017 snap […]

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    When do voters decide how to vote? The polls, the fundamentals, and GE2017

When do voters decide how to vote? The polls, the fundamentals, and GE2017

Labour has gained considerably in polls in recent weeks. But do voters really change preferences during a campaign? Will Jennings and Christopher Wlezien explain the importance of using a fundamentals-based approach in predicting UK elections. They find that, despite the turnaround in fortunes in this year’s campaign, the Conservatives may still be looking at a 9-point lead.

How do voters’ […]

Past UK welfare cuts and austerity led to rising crime. Will we count the same costs this time?

The Thatcher governments are widely accepted to have influenced many areas of modern life in Britain. Stephen Farrall and Will Jennings explore the link between Thatcherite macroeconomic policies and crime, arguing that if the ever-growing evidence base of the economy-crime link is true, political decisions about austerity cannot be separated from their consequences in the domain of law and order. Was […]

The average cost overrun for producing the Olympic Games has been more than 200% since 1976

Will Jennings explores the history of vast cost overruns for Olympic Games. He isolates three common factors behind grossly underestimated costs since 1976: the bid process, uncontrolled growth in project specifications, and the failure to identify and manage risk. As recently as March, the Public Accounts Committee criticised the organizers of London 2012 for its rising security bill: “It is staggering that the original estimates were […]