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The Coalition’s Social Policy Record: Policy, Spending and Outcomes 2010-2015

Date: Wednesday 28th January 2015

9.00am to 10.15 (Breakfast Briefing on Overall Findings)
10.45 to 12.30pm (Additional Presentations)

Venue: Mary Sumner House, 24 Tufton St, Westminster, SW1P 3RB (next to Westminster Abbey – see map)

Book now to secure your place at the launch of findings of a major research programme examining the Coalition’s social policies and their impact.

Researchers from the LSE and Universities of Manchester and York will launch nine new reports including an overview of the Coalition’s social policy record and separate papers on

  • taxes and benefits,
  • health,
  • adult social care,
  • under fives,
  • further and higher education and skills,
  • employment,
  • housing,
  • area regeneration.

A further paper on schools will be launched on 10th February, following release of further GCSE results in late January.

Each paper contains thorough analysis of policy, spending and trends in outcomes, showing how the Coalition has tackled the fiscal and social policy challenges it faced in 2010.  What has it protected from austerity measures and what has been cut?  What has been the effect on services and the people receiving them?  What has happened to poverty, inequality and the distribution of other social and economic outcomes?  Has the government kept to its pledges to cut the deficit while protecting those most in need, radically reform the welfare state and increase social mobility?  What challenges remain as further austerity looms?

Details of the event are:

830-900 Light breakfast available
900-1015 Overview Briefing on the Coalition’s record overall,
Ruth Lupton and John Hills
1015-1045 Short break for coffee and networking
1045-1145 Choice of optional breakout groups covering more detailed evidence around

  • Employment, Tax, and Benefits (Abigail McKnight and John Hills)
  • Health, Social care and Housing (Polly Vizard, Tania Burchardt and Becky Tunstall)
  • Early years, Schools, and Further and Higher Education (Kitty Stewart and Ruth Lupton)

These groups will include questions and discussion

Free copies of the individual summaries, and links to the full reports as well as copies of the summary overview report will be available.

The work is part of the Social Policy in a Cold Climate research programme, which is funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Nuffield Foundation and Trust for London. The views expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the funders.

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