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Charlie BeckettBlog of Charlie Beckett, director of POLIS. POLIS is a joint initiative from LSE and the London College of Communication aimed at working journalists, people in public life and students in the UK and around the world. POLIS is the place where journalists and the wider world can examine and discuss the media and its impact on society.
LSE Centre for Learning TechnologyTeam blog of the Centre for Learning Technology at the LSE.
Reluctant TechnologistPersonal Blog of Matt Lingard of the LSE Centre for Learning Technology. Matt blogs on the use of online technology in higher learning.
Elections in the NewsHeather Dawson at the LSE Library tracks elections worldwide
LSE Library Research BlogBlog on current LSE Research run by the LSE library
Out of the Box LSE Library Archives commentary
LSE Equality and Diversity blog Blog of the LSE Equality and Diversity, set up to to stimulate a culture of involvement and engagement with matters relating Equality and Diversity.
LSE Global War on Terror LSE Global War on Terror blog examines analyses the effects of the post-9/11 global security regime on development policy and practice and non-governmental public action, especially relating to marginalised and vulnerable groups.

LSE Sites
LSE Public Policy GroupLSE Public Policy Group (PPG) is an independent consultancy and research organisation. PPG provides thorough analysis and recommendations for a variety of clients; providing an interface between academia, the private, public and 'third' sector.
LSE Department of GovernmentThe LSE Department of Government's homepage - covers a comprehensive range of approaches to the study of politics, including the history of political thought, normative political theory, comparative politics (with expertise on Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America), ethnic conflict, nationalism, political economy, elections and electoral systems, political parties, public opinion, rational choice theory, public administration and public policy
LSE Centre for Economic PerformanceThe CEP is an interdisciplinary research centre at the LSE Research Laboratory. It was established by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) in 1990 and is now one of the leading economic research groups in Europe.

The CEP studies the determinants of economic performance at the level of the company, the nation and the global economy by focusing on the major links between globalisation, technology and institutions (above all the educational system and the labour market) and their impact on productivity, inequality, employment, stability and wellbeing.
The Rights' FutureLSE Professor Conor Gearty's interactive project which aims to provide information and debate about the current state of human rights in the UK and abroad.
LSE's Third Literary FestivalWith the theme of 'Crossing Borders', the next LSE Literacy Festival will take place from Wednesday 16 to Saturday 19 February 2011.
LSE Research OnlineLSE Research Online aims to be a complete database of research created at LSE. The service’s mission is to:

-include citations to the work of all LSE academic and support staff
-provide Open Access to full text research where permitted by publishers and copyright law
-provide stable links to published items and items not held by LSE Research Online
-be a reliable source of information on LSE research for all audiences
-preserve research for posterity
-openly share its information with internal and external services, such as LSE Experts and Google.

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