Writing for the New Statesman, Danny Dorling argues that the young in Briton are being taken for a ride. “The young are discriminated against in ways in which it would be illegal to differentiate between men and women, or between more and less disabled people, or on the basis of race or religion.”

On SPERI Comment, Colin Hay and Tony Payne argue for a new model of capitalism they dub ‘Civic Capitalism‘.

Writing on Crooked Timber, Chris Bertram explores the term ‘the taxpayer’ and its use in British public debate. “The “taxpayer” trope is a pernicious ideological assault on the very idea of equal citizenship.”

Writing on the PSA’s Political Insight blog, Steven Barnett argues that the questions of media power and the dangers of concentrated ownership raised by the Leveson inquiry are being sidetracked by a very different debate regarding the size and scope of the BBC.

Writing on Open Democracy’s Our Kingdom blog, Craig Berry argues that “the reason [automatic enrollment in a pension scheme] has been taken forward so vociferously by the coalition government … is to compensate for the government’s failure to rebalance the economy away from consumption and towards investment.”

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