Adam Smith Institute argues for making bank executives face greater liability for losses.

Sunny Hundal of The Liberal Conspiracy blog points out the similarity in the rhetoric between Tories and Mitt Romney concerning ‘entitled’ welfare recipients.

Commenting on the Clegg apology, LSE’s Charlie Beckett discusses why humour may be a bad thing for politicians on the POLIS blog.

The F-Word blog looks at Maria Miller’s backing of gay marriage and comments on  the Conservative fetishising of marriage.

Finally, Richard Exell at the ToUChstone blog documents stagnating incomes for the middle class.

Photo Credits: Nick Clegg – Liberal Democracts (CC-BY-ND)) via Flickr; Mitt Romney – Austen Hufford/Michigan Daily (CC-BY) via Flickr; Civil Partnership “The Happy Couple” – NobMouse (CC-BY-NC-SA) via Flickr
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