Reacting to the Autumn statement, Duncan Weldon points out that we are back in the pre-crisis growth model on the ToUChstone blog. On the Whitehall Watch blog, Colin Talbot argues that the Chancellor’s speech shows his real intentions: to permanently roll back state spending.

Earlier this week, in a speech in honour of Margaret Thatcher, Boris Johnson justified economic inequality and claimed that some people are ‘too stupid’ to get ahead. Writing for Strike Magazine, Danny Dorling takes him to task.

David Cameron visited China recently in the hopes of landing Chinese investment in UK infrastructure and closer business ties, prompting outrage by human rights campaigners and advocates. On the Transparency International UK blog, Robert Barrington highlights China’s problem with corruption and argues that we should not turn a blind eye.

On IPPR Juncture, David Runciman argues that British democracy is suffering from a permanent state of scandal which obscures the underlying crisis of elitist managerial politics.

Nelson Mandela passed away last night. The Plashing Vole writes: “Nelson Mandela is no longer a real person. He’s hyperreal. He’s become a brand, an icon, a signifier. Now he’s dead, he’s anybody’s property.”

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