On openDemocracy’s openSecurity blog, Alice Ross and Patrick Galey write about the last-minute amendment to the government’s immigration bill last week that enables Theresa May to strip individuals of their UK citizenship if she deems their presence “not conducive to the public good”. Moreover, this can be done without recourse to a court.

On the SPERI Comment blog, Scott Lavery writes about the declining ‘wage share’; the proportion of national income accrued to labour as opposed to capital, arguing that “George Osborne’s economic strategy is deepening, rather than resolving, the great wage-profit imbalance at the heart of the UK economy’s malfunction”.


Theresa May has the power to render you stateless
(Credit: UK Home Office)

On the PSA’s Insight blog, Ian McLean examines some of the ‘known unknowns’ in the Scottish independence debate.

With the Winter Olympics beginning in Sochi, Russia this week, Ian Buruma finds it ridiculous that the Games still claim to be apolitical on Project Syndicate. “Today, the IOC still wraps itself in the lofty mantle of apolitical Olympic idiocy, while Putin uses the Winter Games to try to add luster to his increasingly autocratic, and failing, Russian state.” ,

On Prospect Magazine’s blog, Josh Lowe discusses the debate on drug courts in the UK.

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