The psychology of children with same-sex parents

What does it mean to become parents in a stigmatising political and sociocultural context? Marina Everri discusses her thoughts from her new book on same-sex parents and their children living in Italy.

In most Western European and Scandinavian countries, same-sex couples have been allowed to get married and have or adopt children since the beginning of the twenty-first century (see […]

LSE Literature Festival 2016: Out of Our Bodies

As part of the 2016 LSE Space for Thought Literary Festival, Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch from the Department of Social Psychology at the LSE will be speaking on a panel alongside novelist Ned Beauman, Dr Kate Devlin and Professor Nicholas Humphrey at the event ‘Out of Our Bodies: Can We Ever Free Consciousness?’ on Saturday 27th February. It will draw upon a number of William Gibson’s […]

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