New publication: The social psychology of everyday politics

Newly published book The Social Psychology of Everyday Politics edited by Associate Professor Caroline Howarth and Dr Eleni Andreouli features chapters by PhD candidate Geetha Reddy and Dr Ilka Gleibs, and PhD candidate Sandra Obradovic and Associate Professor Caroline Howarth.


Associate Professor, Caroline Howarth, along with Eleni Andreouli of Open University, have recently published an edited book exploring the ways in […]

Reflections on a Research Field Trip to Brazil

As Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch prepares to travel to Quito to participate in Habitat III, current and former postgraduate students reflect on their experience of travelling to Brazil to observe first-hand how socio-cultural psychologists research and work in complex urban environments. 


 ‘Resilience and Porosity of City Borders: A psychosocial investigation in three Brazilian cities’ is an international interdisciplinary collaboration project studying the […]

Week 1 Reflections

As the new academic year begins, we feature a blog from one of our recent MSc alumna, Ramona Martinez, about the experience of her first week
This blog first appeared on the Students@LSE blog here.

As I anticipated coming to LSE this year, I wondered nervously about the student culture and dreaded the level of academic competition I might find. I […]

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    Podcast: The relationship between virtual experiences and social behaviour

Podcast: The relationship between virtual experiences and social behaviour

The relationship between virtual experiences and social behaviour has long held the fascination of researchers of social science, with studies exploring extensively its negative (e.g. aggression) and positive (e.g. learning) effects. With the development of the Oculus Rift and mobile technologies such as the Samsung Gear VR, the infrastructure for virtual experiences is becoming increasingly accessible in our daily […]

Reflecting on the Unspoken

Akile Ahmet and Caroline Howarth reflect on the initial findings of the Race in the Academy project, exploring experiences of race at the LSE and why the school struggles to attract or retain black and ethnic minority academic staff.

This blog first appeared on the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion blog on 23rd June 2016.

What cannot be said, or cannot be heard, in […]

3 ways the EU referendum transformed our psychology

PhD candidate Brett Heasman reflects on the psychological impact of the EU referendum. The views and opinions expressed are those of the author, and not the position of the Psychology@LSE blog, nor of the London School of Economics.

Whether you voted to remain or leave, the EU referendum has unquestionably altered our cultural landscape, and we now face a critical struggle to […]

The psychology of communicating during a crisis

Dustin Eno, an alumni of the MSc in Social and Public Communication, shares his thoughts and experiences about working in the crisis communications industry.

Life is full of unexpected events, where unknowns can rapidly lead to fear, anger, and a need for a target to blame – a way of making sense of what has happened. In most cases, […]

Are humans getting smarter?

MSc student Denise Baron reflects on Professor Richard Nisbett’s talk “Culture and Intelligence” and discusses his thoughts on whether humans are indeed getting smarter and what the possibilities are for increasing the rate of growth of human intelligence.

When making arrows in the spring is it best to use ash tree saplings or locust tree branches?

What’s the best tool to use […]

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    ‘We need to speak about race’: Examining the barriers to full and equal participation in university life

‘We need to speak about race’: Examining the barriers to full and equal participation in university life

This blog originally appeared on LSE Impact Blog on 14th April 2016.

Looking to examine and address the barriers facing black and minority ethnic academic staff, the LSE is funding a project entitled ‘Race in the Academy’ investigating why so few black and ethnic minority academics are attracted to the LSE and why it struggles to retain black and ethnic minority […]

The curious case of Music in the Corporate World

Sneha Sundaram, alumnus of the Department of Social Psychology, explores the influence of music on group behaviour within the corporate context. She reflects on her experiences as head of the Corporate wing at Octavium where she co-designed learning simulations using music as a medium to provide a unique lens in understanding objectives that are linked to business effectiveness including leadership, team […]

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