Welcome to our Department Psychological and Behavioural Science blog. We are committed to optimising the potential for social media to disseminate our research and expertise, and to generate critical dialogue about the pressing social issues of the day.

Our Department is one of Europe’s largest academic centres of social psychology with a thriving body of students and academics. We work hard to generate research that is theoretically distinctive and with positive impacts on the challenges of building to a world that is characterised by greater social harmony, equality and sustainability.

This Blog will report on the on-going debates and activities of our staff, faculty and students, and on lines of argument regarding how best to develop a social psychology that is relevant, challenging and up-to-the minute in its reach and influence. It reaches out to past, present and hopefully future friends and colleagues both within and outside of the academy in our rapidly expanding global networks.

We hope users will find our Blog useful and stimulating. Please contribute to the discussions and analyses that it generates and stay in touch via this blog and our other channels (websiteTwitter, and Facebook). We look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Professor Cathy Campbell 

Head of Department (2013/2014 – 2016/2017)